Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Time for a larger pen for the growing pups

 Pups are growing fast, we are doing the best we can to keep them entertained, indoors because of the continual snow and cold.

A couple of notes for those getting one of these pups, in less then two weeks, can hardly believe how fast the time is flying by.  First, I will be sending out the Puppy Booklets shortly, I am pretty behind, but you will get it before too long.
Next, the pups are starting to develop their individual personalities now and I will be sorting through to figure out which pup is best suited to whom.  If  you would all take a few minutes and and send me an email recapping what is most important to you in your new companion.  Tell me a bit about how you see the pup (and most importantly the adult) becoming a part of your life, it will help me a lot.  Feel free to write as much as you want, more info I have, the better I can match up the appropriate pup to your life.

The next 10 days are going to be crazy busy, give me time to answer your questions, and lastly, let me know what day you would like to come to pick your pup up, and time of day.  I am hoping to make arrangements for Friday February 14th, or Saturday February 15th for everyone to come for their puppy, of course depending on the weather. I would like to make a little schedule up so I have time to spend with everyone at the time of pick up. 


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